4 avr. spéciale supplémentaire) Demande d'allocation prénatale Demande d' allocation de naissance Formulaire E (composition de ménage). The maintenance of the children n is n is not paid from public funds. The mother and/or father of the children n are/is n are/is not dead (15). If he/she is. Apr 3, A link to the Portable Document Format (PDF) of this form is provided below. The content of the form is duplicated in HTML following the PDF.

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A data extraction tool was designed, piloted, modified and finalized. We selected variables with particular reference to WHO guidelines on vaccines, antiviral drugs and border control, and used criteria to assess plans.

We also recorded priority populations for antiviral drugs and vaccines, whether the sizes of populations were defined and if so, what these sizes were and whether certain populations were ranked more highly than others in terms of favoured access.

We recorded antiviral stockpile sizes if mentioned. Preparedness plans were scored independently by two researchers; where differences arose, agreement was reached through review and discussion.

We translated 12 plans into English. Overall scores for key pandemic preparedness criteria concerned with border control, vaccine policies and antiviral policies are presented in Figs. Table 1 European national preparedness plans for pandemic human influenza Country. Sexual violence occurs in a peacetime and wartime continuum, with the amplification in the latter context.

Demande d'allocation postnatale

The backdrop that peacetime provides for sexual violence is built into the structure of societies — manifesting in the form of structural violence.

Structural violence has tremendous implications for conflict-related sexual violence, and can, to some extent not in isolation of, but rather in conjunction with, other factors explain conflict-related sexual violence. Third, the renewed look at the Resolution should be centred around gender, rather than around women alone.

While it is understandable that sexual violence against women is indeed a cause for concern, the ignorance of men as targets on the one hand, and the exclusion of men in the rhetoric, policy and legislation addressing war-related sexual violence have contributed to the inability to address the issue.

This lack of inclusion has become reason for men not to engage. The end result, therefore, has been piecemeal strategizing.

Another issue that Resolution brings up is that it has not looked at the structure of the international security domain — i. The security sector has an inherent military masculinity quotient that is either ignored or not taken into account as it rightfully should, in order for a wholesome approach to the prevalence of sexual violence.

In the process, there is an obvious exclusion of the presence of machinery to address sexual violence in conflict — what it does, instead, is to confuse the capacity to act or question with the structural machinery that should address such issues. Your discussion above mentions NAPs but we have found that very few NAPs have dedicated budgets and even fewer have funding directly from the government in question.

In Iraq, only eight per cent of all funding went to projects whose principal objective was gender equality. Further study also revealed that investments in gender equality are usually in the social sphere i. Be it in National Action Plans, UN Development Assistance Frameworks, Peacebuilding Priority Frameworks or other planning documents, gender equality advocates in the region must push for specific targets and indicator and appropriate funding and resources to implement those commitments.

Needless to say, the political and security challenges facing women in the region are enormous. Soumis par Pamela.

The LAS regional Strategy has been developed in order to bring the member states around the obvious issues created by the several conflicts in the region, without raising discussion on a specific country. Instead, it raises the issue that there are conflicts impacting the region, either in terms of direct violence within a population or response to such violence by a neighboring country.

It highlights the regional impact of these conflicts, and the need, therefore, for a regional response and commitment. The main challenge faced is primarily attitudinal — if country X is not in conflict, it does not need a NAP.

Wisb form 7

The perception that applies only to countries in conflict is slowly changing, but requires continued advocacy. Similarly, there is a need for the MS to remember that they are also MS of the UN, and therefore have an obligation as part of the international community with obligations to support implementation as well.

Another major challenge is the traditional non relationship between government and civil society, and more specifically engagement with women as equal and valued representatives of civil society.

Although there have been significant efforts from UN Women and the Special Envoys in Yemen and Syria, for example, the actual engagement by the governments with the women has been less than ideal.

What are the main limitations preventing women from having a greater role?Findings Twenty-nine countries had plans that were included in the analysis, compared with 21 countries in Its aim was to maintain essential services, to reduce disease transmission and the socioeconomic consequences of a pandemic and to minimize cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Are there topics that need particular attention and capacity building in light of the recent conflicts i.

Implementation of the UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security in the Arab States

English Premier League , the type of bet e. Introduction With the emergence of the H5N1 avian influenza virus in Asia and outbreaks on the European continent and elsewhere, concerns about a human influenza pandemic are growing. Table 1 European national preparedness plans for pandemic human influenza Country.